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Twenty-seven varsity swimmers in a University of Virginia study learned QiGong, and during their training season, those who practiced QiGong at least once a week suffered 70% fear infections than those who did not. In a controlled study, Reiki ​was shown to lower diastolic blood pressure and lower heart rate.

Here are some reasons why people seek energy healing and practice:

  • Whole person emphasis
  • Focus on internal and external cause rather than symptoms
  • Failure of conventional treatments 
  • Adverse outcomes of mainstream approaches
  • Offsetting side effects of medications
  • Mind, body & spirit connection
  • Relaxation & well-being
  • Prevention

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Healing Powers of Energy 

Susan Amorose

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Reiki and  QiGong

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Meet Susan 

Just Announced:

Energy Breeze Course

8-week intensive course introducing Eastern Energy Practices of Reiki and QiGong.

Saturday classes, small groups,tailored instruction.  

Students receive three certifications in 8 weeks:

  • Reiki I
  • Reiki II
  • QiGong I

Begins Saturday, February 28th

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Reiki & QiGong are Eastern forms of energy modalities steeped in millennia of tradition and practice and used for healing, relaxation and well-being.

Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Medical QiGong Therapist specializing as a clinical practitioner and instructor.

Reiki and Medical QiGong healing sessions are available by appointment. Please click below for further details.

Private and small group certification courses available in Reiki I, II and Mastery as well as QiGong instructor certification. Click below for more information and upcoming events.